Rockstar Bonnie and El Chip are animatronics from FNAF6/FFPS/Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in the future with Toy Bonnie's old voice boxes

How they'll work in Ultimate Custom Night? Edit

  • El Chip: El Chip is just a cameo mascot when he appears at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. His real passion lies in authentic Mexican cuisine. He isn't here to jumpscare you, but he may interrupt your night with some jarringly colorful advertisements for El Chip's Fiesta Buffet. Click "Skip" or press ENTER to get rid of the invasive advertisements before you lose control of what's going on in your office!
  • Rockstar Bonnie: He will occasionally appear in your office and is conspicuously missing his guitar. In fact, the only way to appease him is to locate his guitar on the camera system and double click on it. Fail to do this in a timely fashion and you'll lower your monitor only to be greeted with a jumpscare.

Notes Edit

  • The guys who stole their original voice boxes were Plushtrap and Candy Cadet, So that they can't participate in the Ultimate Custom Night.
  • However, The Puppet gave Toy Bonnie's 2 voices from his head to them, So that Plushtrap is very angry.