JJ is a mysterious and shy young girl that doesn't do well in large crowds. She prefers to hide and observe others from afar. She keeps a close eye on the pizzeria's inhabitants. She convinced the other animatronics that Springtrap was not completely evil, leading to them becoming good friends. She is also friends with BB. The two met in the episode where BB reacted to the Ennard teaser.

JayJay, also known as JJ for short, is a humanoid animatronic that hides within Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and watches the other animatronics from the shadows. She serves as a secondary character on EthGoesBOOM's channel.

She looks similar to BB, the only difference being a color change. She has purple eyes and magenta cheeks. She also has a blue and purple shirt with white buttons on it. Her hat matches this color scheme, with a purple propeller on top of it. And be careful, she hides in the shadows and been eavesdropping.