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Well, hello there. It's me.

Golden Freddy is the golden, supernatural counterpart of Freddy Fazbear. He is one of the more serious members of the group, possibly because he always thinks about the past. Golden Freddy was originally Fredbear in Fredbear's Family Diner with Spring Bonnie, but the restaurant went out of business because Golden Freddy accidentally bit down on a child's head. This saddens Golden Freddy to no end, so the gaming channel he and his friends star on are good distractions. Golden Freddy has stated that if he could have anything he wanted, he said he wanted to be "normal" again. This could be Golden Freddy wanting to be a regular animatronic entertainer again, or it could be the ghost of the dead child wanting to be a human again. Golden Freddy shares similar powers with the Puppet; Golden Freddy has the powers of flight, intangibility, teleportation, and hallucination causing. The Puppet has all of Golden Freddy's powers and life creation. Golden Freddy is by far the wisest of all the animatronics, though the Puppet might know more. He also has a Box (The Box that appeared at the end of FNAF4) that can be used for time and dimensional travel.

He originally would appear at random moments in random videos, usually when someone would say his name, but over the months he became more of an important character. His first true appearance was when he played Sunky.EXE. After many years, he had recently been reunited with his long lost best friend, Spring Bonnie.

Later, Springtrap killed some of his friends but Golden Freddy saved the rest of them and they retreated to the old 1987 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. 30 years later, he and Spring Bonnie used the powers to directly affect FNAF 3 into a camera layout for the animatronics to use as a guide to stop Springtrap and save their friends by playing the minigames. He acted as a guide for the animatronics (except for Plushtrap who locked the door in Fazbear's Fright to get revenge on Springtrap). He later entered Fazbear's Fright himself only for Springtrap to burn the building down. Freddy and the rest were saved and escaped the burning building and all seemed lost for Golden Freddy until a "hero" (supposedly Golden Freddy) appeared from the door. From there the animatronics used Golden Freddy's box and went back to 2016 (AKA present day) and stopped the Fazbear Massacre from ever happening, captured Springtrap and put him back in the safe room and threw away the key. An special thing about Golden Freddy that he's immortal (means that Golden Freddys never dying)

How he'll work in Ultimate Custom NightEdit

When he appears after lowering your tablet, pull it back up quickly to get rid of him! Staring at for too long will end your run with an unpleasant surprise!