The 2016 Automated Coffee Machine, or Coffee for short, is an Afton Robotics product ordered by Toy Freddy when he decided to try coffee to change it from tea. Although, he didn't know how to make coffee, so he trusted the Puppet to look after Coffee to make sure nothing bad happens to it. However, about 30 seconds after Toy Freddy told the Puppet not to give life to the coffee machine, he/she gives life to it anyway. So, about a few hours later, Coffee plays Nightmare Before Disney.

Personality Edit

Coffee is really hyper and stressed out about basically everything. He's super hyper because he's literally full of coffee. It's pretty unknown why he's stressed out about things, but it's probably because he's always hyper, plus he was new to the whole life thing. Although, his personality changed in one of the Christmas videos when Spring Bonnie had him make eggnog. Coffee had a smooth and cool personality, but only for a minute because the Puppet made him make coffee again because he/she needed coffee, although he/she can't drink coffee, so the Puppet made Coffee hyper again.