HBonnie the Bunny, or Bonnie for short, is a purple animatronic based on a rabbit. He plays a guitar and wears a bowtie. Nothing else.

he should really get some clothes.

Bonnie was the third animatronic to appear on the channel, right after Foxy. Unlike Freddy, Bonnie's voice was the same as when he first made his appearance. His southern accent has created multiple memes on the channel, he is one of the only animatronics to know how to properly say fowa

Alongside Foxy, Bonnie has played a lot of games in the past. This was because Eth could easily do voices like Bonnie's and Foxy's. He has played stuff like Five Golden Nights at Freddy's 2, and Five Nights in Anime (which he must have enjoyed). According to Eth, Bonnie is the easiest character to voice, not being too different from his own.

Bonnie's personality isn't the most serious. He is constantly making jokes, chuckling, and yelling out his trademark "Fowa" whenever he gets the chance. He has also revealed many things about himself, like he doesn't like being purple, and that he is being somewhat possessed by a child. However, this was the only time this was mentioned. He is presumed but not yet confirmed to be in a romantic relationship with chica.